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Aiko Sukdolak Nature- and Wildlife  Photography 

Welcome! My name is Aiko Sukdolak. I'm a Nature, Wildlife and Conservation Photographer from Hannover, Germany.

My interest is telling stories about nature and its inhabitants and sharing my passion in publications, images, exhibitions and presentations

If you want to use one of my images for a publication or if you want to buy a print please send me a message on one of my social media platforms or an email using the contact form.

I'm also a photography teacher at FokusPokus-Workshops Hannover

If you are interested in additional classes, feel free to contact me.

Because I also have a sweet spot for animals that live with humans I'm also into photographing Pets. If you are interested to hire me for a photoshoot please send me a message.

Aiko Sukdolak

Nature- and Wildlife Photography


Aiko Sukdolak

Arnekestraße 8

30926 Seelze

Email: aiko @ sukdolak.de

Phone: (+49) 176 - 80039541